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A fuel pump failure can spell disaster for your vehicle, bring it to us and we will get it replaced the right way!





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Fuel Pump Replacement in Lake Elsinore, CA

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, your fuel pump is an important part of your vehicle’s engine. As its name suggests, this piece of equipment pumps fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. When the fuel pump is in disrepair, one of two results may occur: the engine will receive too much fuel, or it will receive too little. A range of performance issues can result from either circumstance.

If it’s time for a fuel pump replacement in Lake Elsinore, CA, give Advanced Auto Care a call. We have performed countless of these types of replacements. We’ll have your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Notice These Warning Signs? Give Us a Call

Symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump can be confused with symptoms of other issues. If you notice one or more of these warning signs, we recommend that you give us a call:

  • Engine fails to start
  • Vehicle speeds up or slows down without driver intervention
  • Engine sputters as the vehicle gains speed

These symptoms will be the first indication that you need auto fuel pump replacement in Lake Elsinore, CA. Our shop is ASE certified, meaning it is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and we have 20 years of experience. Plus, we offer a range of other services, like repairs, electrical work, and smog tests. Advanced Auto Care is a trustworthy, experienced one-stop shop.

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The sooner you get in touch with our team, the sooner we can replace the part and get your vehicle up and running. If you have questions for our technicians or would like to make an appointment, we’re happy to help.

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